Marsalis 1959 eyewear

A perfect combining of superior craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics, to provide maximum comfort for long-term use. In many cases, it can take up to 120 or more processes to complete a pair of Marsalis glasses.

Traditional culture and superior

Ancient techniques are used but made compatible with today’s technological progress. Our frames are made by the best craftsmen in the world, using a manual process that requires 6 weeks and over 120 different processing phases, exclusively employing the best materials and manufacturing techniques.

Marsalis 1959
Marsalis 1959
Marsalis 1959 eyewear
Marsalis 1959 eyewear

The craft product is enriched with emotional suggestions, uniqueness, with great attention to detail. Each pair of our glasses is produced individually, ensuring that our high-quality standards are met.

Made unique by
Tailor-made details

Frontal parts are obtained from a single sheet of 8mm acetate thermoforming the sheet to manufacture the bridge before the tablet is milled. This guarantees true wearing comfort and resilience.

Each frame is put through a 3-weeks long polishing treatments, ranging from rough grinding to fine polishing.

Premium Quality Sunlenses

For a pure vision, without any visual distortion. Whether in the variant with CR39 lenses or in the variant with glass lenses, our premium quality lenses are scratch-resistant and shock-proof in compliance with the international safety regulations on UV rays, have high optical precision, and are shock resistant according to EN ISO 12312-1:2013 and USA FDA regulation 21CFR 801.410.

Cotton is the base material of our cellulose acetate frames.

Sustainable creativity

We work with natural materials like cotton, wood, and glass, ensuring maximum comfort and an optimal visual experience.We use the most exclusive, highest quality cellulose acetate from vegetable origin, biodegradable, from renewable sources, together with environmentally friendly process, aims at a constant reduction in environmental footprint.